SocialCrunch helps you
engage understand why acquire customers target media

Increase engagement with your audience
Gain a deeper understanding of your customer
Strengthen bonds with the right customers
Leverage audience data for ongoing engagement


SocialCrunch is a fully customizable white label platform that allows brands to deploy engaging quiz experiences.

  • Entertain Engage your target audience with a custom branded quiz experience.

  • Sign up Acquire opt ins and links to users' social media profiles.

  • Gain Insights Capture psychographic data and real-time audience insights.

  • Collect Data Fill gaps in your CRM or DMP and segment your audience to deliver marketing messages.

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SocialCrunch helps publishers engage their audiences and increase time on site, sharing and revenue.

  • Engage Create engaging, interactive, relevant content and extend time on site.

  • Connect Increase sharing of your content across social media.

  • Grow Expand sponsorship revenue or fill available ad inventory.

  • Learn Capture self-declared, actionable, audience insights.

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Our mission

Society has changed. A generation of people have been educated using the web. They grew up with email. They are entertained by YouTube and Facebook. They do not buy newspapers. The TV is only on in the background. Content has fragmented, and advertising must compete with thousands of other more entertaining distractions. It has never been more important to have a deeper understanding of your audience.

Surveys suck. The 21st century, mobile first consumer demands more. The question is: How will you keep your audience interested and unlock that information at scale?

SocialCrunch helps brands and publishers engage their audiences and unlock the data that will drive their businesses forward. That's what makes us tick...

We love to talk to like minded people. If you feel the same way or think we can help you, please get in touch.

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